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How to book your Luxury Apartment in Madrid


At our offices, after having contacted us.


By either calling the Commercial Executive you have been in contact with or our office contact numbers.


By sending and email to the Commercial Executive you have been in contact with or through our website’s Contact Form.

The prices per month listed at the top of the description are for stays longer than 9 months (except if a different period is mentioned).
If the check-in date is not immediate, the landlord has the right to refuse a rental request.
Prices listed do not include VAT.
Once the availability of the apartment is confirmed, to secure your reservation you should make the due payment.

Available Payment methods

Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)

You may provide your credit card information by email or phone.

Bank transfer

We will provide you with the bank information necessary for you to make the according transfer.


In cash, complying with the legal requirements applicable in each case.

In order to begin your stay, the total amount stated in the economic breakdown must have been already paid.
Several factors may influence the value of the deposit. The Sales Team will inform you pertinently.

Additional Costs

Reservation Fee

With any reservation, you must pay a non-refundable fee (depending on number of bedrooms). It  includes a ‘Welcome Pack’ with snacks, drinks, toiletries and household cleaning products. You can find the full list in our ‘Services Menu’.

Cleaning services

We provide housekeeping and laundry services (for a minimum of two hours in each day of service). For stays of one month or longer, it is compulsory to hire with us a monthly cleaning (laundry not included), depending on number of bedrooms. This only applies to those who do not already hire any other cleaning services with Ivory Escapes (i.e. daily, weekly, biweekly services …).

Check-out cleaning service

For any stay, the customer is required to pay for a check-out cleaning service (depending on number of bedrooms).

Night Hours

If the check-in takes place between 20h and 9h the following fees shall be charged in advance.

Check-in Rates on Weekends

If the check-in is on a Saturday, Sunday or any Holiday, the following fees will be charged in advance.

Cancellation policy

If you wish to cancel your booking, please remember that the deposit will not be returned.

Arriving at your new Ivory Escapes home


Once your arrival time has been confirmed, please contact us as soon as possible so your reception can be organized without any delay.


A member of the Ivory team will be waiting for you at the apartment. They will inform you about every detail.

Sales Executive

The Sales Executive will then show you around the apartment and will hand over the keys to you.

In order to guarantee an optimal maintenance of our properties, some of the items shown in the potos may have been replaced by similar, newer options, always following our standards of comfort, quality and design.

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