In Ivory Escapes we count on a ‘Project Team’ to perform from total refurbishments of a property, to a light ‘update’ or a deco project. We show you here our last work:


With the beginning of the year we have added a new apartment to our portfolio, located in the popular street of Diego de León. It has been a challenge because we only had 55 meters, but great enthusiasm for getting the best of it.

We considered the possibility of an apartment with two double bedrooms but the goal wasn’t easy at all. But we had something very clear: we didn’t want to change quality for capacity.

Finally, after a lot of brainstorming and especially of many plans by our project team, we arrived at a solution which we all were very satisfied with: we would do two double bedrooms and a large bathroom between them, this one divided into three spaces (for the different ‘elements’), so they could be used with privacy at the same time.

We set up a central area with a large counter top with double sink, a separate cabin for the toilet and another one for the shower. Thus, we saved meters by not having to duplicate everything and were getting our goal of an apartment with two spacious bedrooms.

But since a picture is worth a thousand words, here we show the result.

Our ‘Project Team’ specializes in making the most of small spaces, with practical, economical and modern solutions. Materials such as iron, glass, mirror, wallpaper … charge prominently in this type of work, where every inch is really valuable.

Soon, we will present our new ‘Personal Deco’ that will help you to redecorate your home without having to enter works or large investments. With experience, knowledge, good taste and love for what we do, we achieve that every house -whatever big or small, whatever classic or modern, whatever luxurious or simple – shines with its best. ‘The house is a reflection of who lives there’ . Let’s take care of it!

If you wish to refurbish your home, don’t doubt to contact us (ph: 629 250 349 or We will be very happy to share our ideas with you!

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